Ashley Vincent

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Throw a pebble into a still lake and watch the rock create waves.

They grow and grow, until it's ripples stretch out to reach even the farthest shorelines.

What if your wellness choices could have this same effect?

A little about me,

My name is Ashley Vincent.

I am a yogi photographer, passionate about helping people and inspiring minds.

I own a photography business, am a registered Yoga Instructor (200RYT) and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

I've lived all over BC, from the Island to the Okanagan, to my favourite and current place I call home, in the Peace Region.

I live here with my husband Dan, our two littles, and our sweet old Dex.

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why doTERRA?

In this edition of my Wellness Wednesday Live Instachats, I tell you my four big reasons why I decided to give my time, my money, my energy, and my heart to doTERRA.

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