Light Leak Photography Overlays

Light Leak Photography Overlays

Give Your Photos a Creative Boost with The Light Leak Photography Overlays


You are going to love all the creative possibilities that these unique overlays offer. Stackable and customizable, you can layer these overlays with one another, or try changing the colours or contrast.


Here's what's all included:


Light Leak Photography

  • 30 high-resolution JPEG images


Bonus Bokeh!

  • 8 high-resolution JPEG images


How to Use:

  • Choose an overlay photo and open it in Photoshop (or any layer enabled editing software, such as Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)
  • Select (ctrl/command a) to select all, then copy (ctrl/command c)
  • Paste the image (ctrl/command v) on to your own photography and set the layer's blending mode to screen.
  • Resize overlay (ctrl/command t), flip, rotate and adjust the position to your liking.


  • Change the colour or temperature of the overlay by using the colour balance adjustment.
  • Increase or decrease the intensity by using the levels adjustment on the overlay layer
  • Apply a layer mask and remove portions of overlay to reduce strength of light on faces, bodies etc.
  • Try layering more than one overylay on top of one another to create a new look.


These instructions included as a PDF


A basic knowledge of Photoshop (or other editing software which allows you to work with layers) is needed to use these photo overlays.


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